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BG Masters Tournament At Sea 

Reservation Form

In order to secure your participation please fill out the following information. You may add your comments at the end in respects to any special needs you might have. Upon receipt of this form you will be contacted with a confirmation email with the complete cost breakdown based on your selected choices.           

Passenger One First Name

Last Name   Title

Passenger Two First Name

Last Name   Title

Passenger Three First Name

Last Name   Title

Passenger Four First Name

Last Name   Title
Specify where you play Backgammon   Are you on the BG Masters Ladder ?
Online Player Names of passengers


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Main Contact

Street Address
Address (cont.)
Zip/Postal Code
Work Phone
Home Phone



Occupancy  Cabin Status  



Dining Preference ( Advise if you prefer early or later sitting )

Will you be celebrating any special occasions while onboard ?

   Have you cruised before ?  

If yes how many times and where ?   

Please advise your age group

                          Where did you hear about this event ?

If you were referred by someone please advise who     

Do you have friends travelling with you in a separate cabin ? 

If so please state their name




Thank You !


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